The Mystery of the Dime

dimeThe Mystery of the Dime

I thought I would start off the blog with a few personal stories that started me on my, err… journey… if you will.  The story I’m about to relay, whether paranormal or not, is a small piece of many that have set me out on an adventure.  That being said, I’m not likely to return to normalcy anytime soon. This is, The Mystery of the Dime.

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I bought the house I live in now in 2004.  Up to that point I never really thought much about ghosts, hauntings or that genre of the paranormal.  When I was young, I remember the sightings of the Gulf Breeze UFO craze of the late 80’s.  My parents and their friends actually reported a sighting during that time.  Being an outdoorsman, I’ve often thought of many crypto-creatures while out in the woods late at night.  Usually as a result of watching vivid movies then spending time with myself in the quite of deep woods.  But I’ve never really had anything “happen” to me.  Then… we bought our home…

The Back-Story

There are many pieces to the paranormal puzzle I have in my head, and there are two separate “dime” instances that I have arranged into the bigger picture.  The best way I feel I can portray them to you is to picture this.  Your average, normal guy oblivious to everything, chugging through life without any thought to anything supernatural.  At the time my wife and I had three kids, with the youngest being extremely young.  I’ll say he was in the single digit months old.  This will come into play here in a bit.

The first episode occurred one particular evening.  I had just gotten home from work, the older kids were at their grandparent’s house and my wife was in the kitchen making dinner.  Remember that my youngest wasn’t even old enough to hold his head up yet.  Cleaning up before dinner I hurriedly got into the shower.  I got in, wet my hair and body, put shampoo in my hand and started to lather my hair.  Just as I was getting good suds worked up, I feel something cold hit me in the back immediately followed by the sound of tink, tink, tink in the bottom of the tub.  I looked down and saw something shiny in the bottom.

The Mystery of the Dime

Now at this point, I’m a little confused and the shampoo is starting to burn my eyes. I rinsed my hair out and picked up a dime from the bottom of the bathtub.   Looking back, I vividly remember thinking, oh it was just a dime.  Then almost instantly I had a sense of something being really wrong, followed by the utter shock of how did a dime just hit me in the back, in the shower…

Some of you are thinking well that’s not really a story, or wow, strange coincidence.  But for me, from that point forward, everything started to fall into place.  In another story I will tell you at another time, we were having some weird things going on the last few months.   I realized that all of the weird instances of happenings I never realized I had since we bought our home, dawned on me at that point in time.

Searching for Answers

I spent the next few days trying to emulate the dime hitting me in the back.  Having just spent the last 10 years in the Air Force and my usual end of day routine involved taking off my duty hat when I got home.  I usually put my wallet, keys and pocket change in the hat upside down on my dresser.  Although civilian now, I still wore a baseball cap at work, and sometimes did a similar routine.  Imagining in my head that somehow a dime was lodged in the cap and fell out when I was wearing it and somehow lodged in behind my ear.

I did experiments of trying to replicate that process.  Then I would place the dime on my head and see if I could simulate the dime hitting me in the back, or staying on my head for an extended period of time.  Keep in mind, even though I was now a civilian, I still had a TED haircut (Typical Enlisted Dude, yes it’s a thing, high and tight with a little stubby mustache).  So I couldn’t get a dime stuck in my hair.

I never got results anywhere near my experience.  My wife was in the kitchen and it shares adjoining walls.  I could hear her closing cabinets and such most of the time and she swears she didn’t sneak in the bathroom just to throw a random dime out of the blue at me in the shower.

The Second Dime

I know what you’re thinking now.  Man this guy is way too overworked about this.  Well, don’t forget there were two “dime” episodes.  The second one, happening while still pondering the causal event for the first, was a tipping point for me.

About a week later, my wife and I were in the bathroom.  We were bathing the youngest and playing with him in the tub.  He was in one of those bath caddy things you put babies in to bathe them, so we were kneeling with our armpits over the bathtub rim.

As we sat there playing, we both heard the familiar sound of dink, plop, dink behind us.  Almost immediately I sat up and basically said no freaking way.  Somehow, I seemed to know what the sound was.  I was almost afraid to look but I knew I had to.  I got up, slowly walked over and peeked into the toilet.  My heart sank to my feet, I saw… there it was… laying in the bottom of the toilet…  The mystery of the dime.

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