The Haunting Tale of Flying Socks

The Haunting Tale of Flying Socks

The Haunting Tale of Flying Socks

The last few weeks, I’ve been trying to get my sites up and running.  Now, as we sit here wondering what the future holds, with the uncertainty of a potential lock down facing us, I realize that many of us are bored to death.  I’ve been using my time to work on everything. I thought that maybe I would continue my experiences that led me to my paranormal journey.  I hope this will inspire others to send in their experiences and maybe we can remove the stigma that makes us hesitate to share our stories.  So this is the continuation of the beginning of my story.  The Haunting Tale of Flying Socks.  You can view the a video of it here!  

In my last post, I shared my personal story of the first event that got me looking into the paranormal.  I told you the story of two experiences that I had involving dimes.  Stories involving dimes or coins are not uncommon in the haunted arena.  You can check the post out here

Fast-forward a few months. I’m still having a time trying to process what occurred to me.  I was mostly aware that paranormal events were more common than I originally thought.  Like most of you, when something happens, I was researching and investigating similar types of experiences through the power of Google.  This led me to so many more questions.  Sometimes I would find an experience that was all too similar. Other times I would come upon a story that made me think “what the heck, is this person right in the head?”  I would later change my perspective on this but for now I was still left with so many questions. 

Looking Back

Like most people with small kids, unexplained occurrences were all too common.  Albeit, they were usually the “I didn’t do it” or Not me” type.  However, as time went on, there were more experiences occurring with my family than I knew at the time.  Looking back upon them, it makes me wonder if some of the events were not typical at all. 

For instance, we would go into the bedroom of my youngest kid at the time in the middle of the night after being awoken by the monitor.   He was still in a crib but would be standing up looking into the corner talking to “Mau Mau”.  He would carry on and laugh.  Even turn around and try his best, in his small toddler language to tell us about Mau Mau.   

I know, I know, every kid has an imaginary friend and or a vivid imagination.  We said the same thing.  As time went on, there was less of Mau Mau, which seems normal right?  With the addition of a fourth child.  We had to move bedrooms of everyone.  Having four kids in a four-bedroom house, we moved the oldest to the room that was the nursery and took the two smaller kids and put them in a larger room together. 

My oldest, approaching 10, started having frightening events where he would see something weird.  Or something, although he didn’t know what it was, would scare him.  We did would most people do and limited his types of TV and things of that nature.  We simply thought he was having issues with the content he was consuming. 

The Activity Continues

As my third kid was now a bouncing full-fledged toddler.  Most instances of Mau Mau were all but forgotten.  However, one instance stands out in my mind.  Again, there had been no mention of Mau Mau for a long time.  One evening we were outside right about dark and he was playing in a corner of the yard. Although his language skills were now much greater than his crib days, I remember him running to me screaming Mau Mau, Mau Mau.  At first, I assumed the darkness just got to him and something startled him.  As I too, for the immediate moment had all but forgotten about Mau Mau. 

It was later on, after getting him to sleep, that my wife and I discussed the event.  Even though it was pretty weird, we again chalked it up to coincidence and overactive imagination.  It was about this time, that the events of the dime occurred. 

The Activity Increases

As events in the house started getting more frequent and unexplainable.  We still didn’t rally have much idea as to what was going on.  Usually chalking it up to sneaky kids, the house settling and things of that nature. 

We would all hear what sounded like footsteps going through the house.  We would hear what sounded like someone talking in another room, but everyone would be accounted for.  In one instance, I had left before anyone else got up to go to work.  My wife had gotten up and was getting herself and the kids ready for the day. 

My Mother-in Law would come over to get the kids to watch for the day as my wife left for work.  Everyone was in the master bath in the back of the house getting ready at the sinks. They all heard what sounded like my Mother-in-Law come in the door and shut it and moving around the kitchen area. They even said they called out to her and she answered but they couldn’t understand. 

Upon going to the kitchen, she wasn’t in there.   In fact, she wasn’t in the house.  They called her and she hadn’t been there yet or even left her house.  This was the first event that left my wife speechless.

It wasn’t long after these events that the most harrowing tale occurred.  It changed me, it changed my belief system, it made me question everything.  My wife even has a hard time processing it to this day. 

The Haunting Tale of the Flying Socks

One night, we had finished folding and sorting laundry earlier in the evening and a clothes basket was sitting in the corner of our room.  Everyone was uneasy and having a hard time falling asleep.    It was after midnight by this time, and my wife and I were frankly tired of the commotion. 

My daughter had this weird habit at the time. If she couldn’t sleep or wasn’t feeling well, she would come in the room and stand over you beside the bed until you got weird enough vibes that you would wake up!  It was rather creepy!

This night, we had gotten everyone settled and were finally lying in bed reading, trying to wind down.   We heard the shuffle first and then the footsteps.  We were certain that one of the kids was coming to the room again. 

I told my wife; pretend you are asleep!  Maybe they’ll go back to bed!  So we quickly laid back and closed our eyes.   We heard the footsteps come in the room and even the shuffle across the carpet.  As I sat there a few moments, I assumed it was my daughter.  The footsteps stopped, and it got real still. 

Just then, I quickly sat up, and exclaimed “what do you want!”  My wife sat up at the same time.  At that moment a pair of socks went flying across the room and landed on the bed!  Crazy! Scary!  We were speechless!  We got up and went and sat on the porch for a few minutes trying to process what had transpired. All we could come up with was the haunting tale of flying socks.

The Aftermath

This was the event that changed everything.  It was at this time the I reached out to Military Paranormal Investigations (MPI).  They were a group just starting up and were pretty much the same as me, looking for answers.  Quickly I joined their ranks and here we sit over 12 years later and many, many cases under our belts. 

I can’t say that I could ever explain what occurred or is occurring in our home.  I will say that we have continued to have strange occurrences and it has even been witnesses by many other people as well.   We consistently hear talking and footsteps.  One time I felt that I was rushed by a shadow figure on the front porch coming in the door.  It makes me think, was this what happened to my son in the back yard?

The Investigation

My wife and I have seen large mists materialize and swirl about the room right in front of us.  My daughter witness this on one occasion too.  Although we have investigated the house numerous times, nothing has ever been documented.  In fact, I think the team sometimes thinks I’m crazy.  But only recently did Rob, one of our team members, have an experience where he saw a figure in the kitchen. 

There’s nothing to note about the physical aspects of our house.  Our surveys, readings and other analysis done have shown nothing of any major influence.   The activity mainly occurs in one bedroom, the living room and kitchen, with the exception being the dime incident in the main bathroom. 

The bedroom is the only place with any anomalous influence.  It is a room that was converted from a garage and the power comes into the house there.  Even with the electrical box there, the EMF is typically less than the 2 milligauss range and shouldn’t be enough to cause widespread hallucinations.  It also wouldn’t explain the activity in the other rooms.

Where I took it.

I’ve learned a lot from my experiences and wouldn’t change a thing.  Most people I know will laugh and cut up about it in a group setting.  However, as soon as I get in private with them, they will at least tell me a personal story they can’t explain.   Some will let it flow like a river. 

Usually someone that knows me, understands that I have an interest in the paranormal and all things weird.  But they also know I’m an average guy and I take the research and investigation seriously.   Sometimes, when I tell them stories of the things we can’t explain on an investigation, they understand that could be a profound event.  But at the same time,  we could have it all wrong.  As there is nothing certain in what we do as far as research.

Most of the time I’ll find a reason for what is going on that people assume is paranormal activity.  But for the life of me, my personal experiences stump me.  My hope for all of what I do is to at least bring paranormal out of the shadows.  It doesn’t have to be dark and scary.  I’ve had a couple of experiences that have been, but for the most part, it’s not what you see on TV.  


This was my story of the haunting tale of flying socks.  I hope you found it interesting and I hope it inspires you to tell your story.  No matter how big or small.  If you would like to share your story,  please send me an email here, or send a message on any of my social sites.  I can keep it anonymous if you wish.  We can bring this field out of the dark.  We just have to let people know that all people have had the experiences.  Normal people, and its ok to talk about them. 

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