The Haunting Tale of Flying Socks

The Haunting Tale of Flying Socks The last few weeks, I’ve been trying to get my sites up and running.  Now, as we sit here wondering what the future holds, with the uncertainty of a potential lock down facing us, I realize that many of us are bored to death. …


The Mystery of the Dime

dimeThe Mystery of the Dime

I thought I would start off the blog with a few personal stories that started me on my, err… journey… if you will.  The story I’m about to relay, whether paranormal or not, is a small piece of many that have set me out on an adventure.  That being said, I’m not likely to return to normalcy anytime soon. This is, The Mystery of the Dime.

View the video of this story here.

I bought the house I live in now in 2004.  Up to that point I never really thought much about ghosts, hauntings or that genre of the paranormal.  When I was young, I remember the sightings of the Gulf Breeze UFO craze of the late 80’s.  My parents and their friends actually reported a sighting during that time.  Being an outdoorsman, I’ve often thought of many crypto-creatures while out in the woods late at night.  Usually as a result of watching vivid movies then spending time with myself in the quite of deep woods.  But I’ve never really had anything “happen” to me.  Then… we bought our home…


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