Aurora Texas An 1897 Legend of a Crashed Spacecraft and an Alien Burial

Aurora Texas An 1897 Legend of a Crashed Spacecraft and an Alien Burial

Aurora Texas An 1897 Legend of a Crashed Spacecraft and Alien Burial.  In recent history there have been stories of alien spacecraft crashing from earth’s skies. The crash near Roswell NM, in 1947.  The acorn shaped craft reported to have crashed in the woods near Kecksburg PA, in 1965.  Even the now infamous Phoenix Lights seen over Phoenix AZ in 1997. But what about before those. 

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The Crash

50 years earlier, in 1897, a tale of a reported ufo crash came to life in North Central Texas.  As the story goes, it was April 17th, 1897 around 6:00 am in Aurora TX, a sleepy little town just a few dozen miles northwest of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

There were numerous “airship” sightings throughout the area dating back into 1896.  This time it would be different.  A cigar shaped airship that was seen lumbering north toward Aurora was reported to “apparently have machinery out of order”.

An April 19th article in the Dallas Morning News, written by Aurora resident S.E. Hayden, stated that craft went over the town square and over the Proctor’s Farm.  As it was moving toward the farm it was also slowly descending.  Once it neared the farm, the craft struck the Proctor’s windmill and was reported to have gone up in a terrific explosion that left debris over several acres.  The craft debris, said to mix of an aluminum and silver metallic substance, was said to have been dumped into the Proctor’s well.

 The Body

The lone inhabitant was recovered and although the remains were badly damaged, they were stated to be identifiable enough to not be “of this world.”  The body supposedly also contained a paper material with hieroglyphic like writing on it.  A funeral was given, and the body was interred in the local cemetery with Christian burial rites given.

 The Investigation

Over recent years, many investigations were conducted of the story.  However, it was nearly lost to history.  The late Jim Marrs resurfaced the story by uncovering new witnesses in the 70’s.  He, along with another journalist, reportedly found metallic substances in the grave site with a metal detector.

Later in the 70’s the original gravestone was stolen, and the location of the grave site was lost. Using witness testimony, old photos, the dates on the surrounding gravestones, and ground penetrating radar, the location has been reportedly recovered, but now the grave appears to be empty and missing the metal objects.  This has sparked many conspiracies in and of itself.


 Was it a Hoax?

Stories of hoaxes, along with the new witness stories have all sparked controversy.  One hoax claim stated that the Proctor’s never even had a windmill.  However, investigations completed during television shows such as UFO Files and UFO Hunters along with the help of MUFON, found that there is a windmill base on the property.  A well investigation corroborated reports of the well having been cleaned out, although the well water did contain high amounts of aluminum.  This is given as a reason for the severe debilitating arthritis developed by a subsequent landowner.

Although neither proof of the crash nor hoax has been definitively determined, it is likely it will remain that way for the time being, as an exhumation of the grave site has been repeatedly denied by officials.


The Mystery Continues.

It looks like this story will remain a mystery.  For the time being, if you are ever near Aurora in North Central Texas, you can still visit the gravesite where a new marker has been left in the originals place.  People often leave trinkets and messages for other-worldly being they claim is buried below.

Aurora Texas An 1897 Legend of a Crashed Spacecraft and Alien Burial.

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