About Mike

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A paranormal investigator with MPI (Military Paranormal Investigations) since 2008, Mike is the Research Manager and a Lead Investigator for Field and Historical Research.   Always having an interest in the alien/UFO arena, a haunting personal experience led him to research and investigate paranormal claims with great intent.  

Mike created Undiscovered Origins as a personal path for exploration and adventure into the unknown. 

Mike has been team lead for many investigations, including organizing and arranging the historical research, documentation and investigation of the Texas town of Burkburnett.  Mike comes from a long line of military men of all branches, now including his son, and is a veteran of the US Air Force.  His military mindset dictates the professionalism, structure and dedication to how investigations are conducted. 

An avid reader and researcher, he is well versed in all areas and brings valuable insight to all areas of investigations.   An early interest in the outdoors, Mike is interested in all aspects of the paranormal, primarily extraterrestrial and cryptozoology claims.  His experience in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping and survival brings unique perspectives and management to outdoor investigations. 

Mike has a B.S.O.E. in Business Management and an A.S. in contract management as well as many professional certifications.  As a Contingency Contracting Officer in the Air Force for 10 years, he supported combat operations in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom as well and the conflicts in Kosovo and other worldwide areas.  His contracting career was primarily for construction contracts where he worked closely with construction and engineering fields.  This led him to a career as a Catastrophe Insurance Adjuster.  It is in that field that he became trained and certified in many areas, including construction techniques, damage assessments and causation, and building and structure inspection.  These areas help further investigative goals of analyzing claims of the paranormal by being able to rule out mechanical and physical influences.  Mike is also assigned to the MPI team that develops and builds new equipment.

Aside from his career experience, a former Scoutmaster, Mike still enjoys teaching today’s youth through Merit Badges, about outdoorsmanship and being proper stewards of the land.  As a Certified Firearms Instructor, he also passes along proper firearm safety and usage to all ages.  Recently,  he has taken an interest in overlanding where he hopes that his hobbies of the paranormal and capable off-roading can blend into one; with investigation of remote sites and hard to reach areas with his truck that has been built for this purpose and an off-road exploration camping trailer that is currently under development.